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“Admire the world for never ending on you-– as you would an opponent, without taking your eyes from him, or walking away.”


           Annie Dillard



I paint to bear witness to the resiliency and fragility of nature. By painting these small tempests, these roadside ditches of flowers, weeds, and insects drowned by rain and meltwater, I give the world my full attention and, in the process, I hope to convey some of the grief, love, and hope I have for it.

           Corey Matthews, June 2021


Born and raised in Halifax, Corey Hardeman has lived most of her adult life in British Columbia. She holds a BSc in Biology and has spent most of her life searching for ways to make a living gazing into tidal pools and forest canopies. For several years she lived off-grid in a hand built yurt, and made paintings in the brief intervals between tending to her four young children. Now that her children are larger and she’s traded her tent in the forest for solid walls, she paints all day and often marvels at the luxury of hot and cold running water. 

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selected press
Podcast: Tracing Lines Art Talk, August14, 2020
Video: Simon Ratcliffe, August 2, 2020
Article: The Williams Lake Tribune, October 16, 2020
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